Object Generation

Our vision is to simplify software development with object oriented methods and tools.

Some keys to success in software projects are good communication, systematic testing, reduced complexity and iterative development. We use object oriented methods to achieve these goals.

Object Cases

A major cost in software development projects is communication problems. Lots of time and money can be saved by avoiding misunderstandings and making complete and consistent requirements. Thick requirements specification documents do not work, we need a light but effective format.

Our answer to this problem is called 'Object cases'. It is a method of specifying requirements as examples, modeling these examples as objects and automatically testing these examples. This helps to integrate the specification, implementation and testing activities closer together. Put another way, it helps customers, analysts, developers and testers to communicate more effectively.

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Object Generation AS is located in Sarpsborg, Norway. We provide consulting services in Scandinavia.

For further information, please contact us by email: info1(at)objectgeneration.com